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Reviews and Testimonials

"Clare is absolutely fabulous at delivering her movement meditations. I had the pleasure of attending an online session recently and it was so powerful. I felt a physical and emotional release, shed a few tears, and finished with much more clarity than I'd had in a long time. Sometimes we forget how deeply embodied our grief is until we feel some of it shifting. With Clare's guidance I managed to access and release some deep rooted emotional pain. She has the most soothing voice and warm, calming presence. Her therapies are an absolute gift."

Alison Milne

"Clare has a welcoming presence and an accepting and understanding manner. She takes things at the clients pace and is a very empathetic listen and person. Her room has a really calming energy that provides a good atmosphere for both thinking creatively and unpacking whatever your struggling with! I 100% recommend Clare and what she's doing here! It is a great approach to tackling trauma and getting to know yourself better; without feeling exposed and judged through clinical measures, Clare's creative therapy offers an alternative approach that can really help and have a positive impact on your life. Trying something new can be daunting but if you're new to creative therapies and curious I would definitely recommend Clare!"

Hannah Coyle

"Very relaxing and also interesting way of translating grief in less common ways. Speaks to parts that may be more dormant guiding towards wholeness."

Hilde Beerens

"I recently attended a group online session with Clare…. And I would highly recommend her services.
Clare’s delivery and empathic understanding of the needs of the Client were simply faultless…
The session was a new experience for me, which had brought some anxiety prior.
Clare’s calm, controlled and sensitive approach immediately put me at ease….
Her naturally soothing tones gave me comfort and confidence to trust in her and the process.
I felt an overwhelming safe release of emotions and the session left me with a feeling of peace and contentment.
It was such a positive and valuable experience.
Thank you so much Clare"
Hayley Bradley - Thompson

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from the evening retreat with Clare but I came away feeling calm and invigorated. Clare has a clear creative talent and made everyone feel at ease no matter your level of artistic flare. I thoroughly enjoyed doing my vision board (a first for me!) and am now focussed on manifesting a brighter year ahead. Thank you Clare xx"

Lynne Hogarth


"Hi Clare
Thank you so much
Your session was balm for the soul. I’ve done yoga for a while but loved your approach embracing our grief. You created such a calm comforting space for us to ‘let go’ . The tears flowed but it was a powerful, emotional release. I also found the drawing very meditative and was interested in how the colours I chose to draw with, to me, got lighter. Slept well after 🙏Grateful for the time we shared 🙏"

Loraine Edward

"Clare uses a lovely blend of meditation, gentle movement and art therapy to help you connect with stuck emotions in her beautiful therapy room, I left feeling so much calmer. Thank you 💕"

Sara Lyon

"I never really had much faith in this type of therapy, but thought I'd give this a try, it would be a new experience for me. I was very pleasantly surprised at how I felt after just one session, I was feeling quite mellow on leaving the calming atmosphere of the room and the day seemed to take on a brighter start in every way. I felt more positive about life in general and that feeling carried over to the next day. The night after the therapy was the first night for about 2 years that I slept without dreaming or wakening, and I felt so rested the next day. I recommend anyone to give it a try, I feel sure you won't regret it."


"I felt relaxed after these sessions. It gave more tools on how to cope with negative thoughts and energy."


Many years ago I tried meditation style things and breath work, but unfortunately they both didn't work, until July 2023, to which I see meditation and breath work in a new different light. The exercises given for both meditation and breathing really genuinely relaxed me and got me in a real genuine zen state. They have genuinely helped me come to terms and combat with my inner demons and issues with my anxiety and my anger issues. Most important issue is when it comes to July, when it's the anniversary of my Grandfathers death, and what would have been his Birthday 6 days later."


"I absolutely loved my first online session with Clare. She has such a warm, welcoming and calming presence and the most soothing voice for guiding us through the movement meditations. I've done yoga, pilates, breathwork, reiki and meditation before but this was so different to anything else I had tried. It's hard to find things that offer both an emotional and physical release but this was so powerful for both. I think we often forget how much we embody our grief and trauma until we start to release some of it. After the meditation Clare invited us to use drawing to express our emotions and I expected to feel stuck due to my lack of artistic DNA! However, for the first time in my whole life I found myself being able to draw in a meaningful way and produce something that represented my grief journey. It did not look like art and certainly wasn't a masterpiece. But I understood that the magic for me was in the process and not the finished result. I would whole heartedly recommend Clare's art therapies and grief movement classes. I didn't know what to expect but I got so much more from my session than I imagined. Thank you Clare!"


"I have been avoiding feeling my emotions since my dad died last year and was resisting letting go of the pain and sadness.

I've spent my days filling my time to help keep me as busy as possible.

The grief movement session I had with Clare helped me to connect with how I feel in a gentle way and enabled me to release some of the pent up hurt and sadness I've kept buried.

Clare's presence, guiding instruction and soothing voice helped me relax and engage in the breathwork.


Thank you Clare ❤️"


"Thank you so much for tonight's session Clare. It was so emotive, thought provoking and therapeutic. You delivered it so well and with such compassion. Loved the art and meditation. Such a different form of therapy from anything I've done before. Will definitely like to try it again xx"

"Thankyou so much Clare, it was wonderful and it helped me so much. I released a lot of tears & tension and found the meditation totally relaxing. Love the future self, and cupped hands. So glad it's recorded will love to watch it again xx"

"It was an excellent session just what I needed on a day that had been filled with too many sad memories. One year today since Larry’s service💔.

Thank you for giving us focus and great tools to help us move through our grief."

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