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My Art

Here is a selection of some of the paintings I have done. These are personal to me and not for sale, however if you are interested in having a painting commissioned please let me know.

All of these paintings are of people who I have loved and lost, this is something I find comforting to do in times of sadness. They have all been painted from photographs. If you would like a portrait painted of someone you love and have lost, this is something I could do for you. If you would like to try painting a portrait of your lost loved one yourself, this can be an extremely therapeutic experience, and something I can help you with. Please email me to enquire

Painting of Cliff

Cliff - My husband

Painting of Martha

Martha - My Friend

Painting of Stuart

Stuart - My sweetheart

Painting of Vincent

Vincent - My Dad

Painting of Martha swimming

Martha - My Friend

Painting of the embrace

Cliff and I - The Embrase

Painting of Jacky

Jacky - Cliff's Dad

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