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 Holistic Creative Session

Clare Jackman delivering an individual 1-2-1 session

When you arrive at Creating Calm Therapies, you will be welcomed with a warm, friendly, smile, and calm manner. I like to create a relaxing environment with gentle music, aromatherapy and cosy lighting, however if this is not your thing, that's fine too.

I will help you to feel at ease, listened to, and understood. My goal is to help you to realise what you want and need, to feel positive and hopeful about creating a better life for yourself and to create greater feelings of joy, calm and inner peace.


I provide a combination of holistic modalities, including holistic counselling, meditation, movement, breath, art, creative writing, play, sound and music and more. It is an active approach that helps you to tell your story, to solve a problem, achieve catharsis, and understand yourself. 

When working individually with you, I can tailor each session to the needs of you in that moment. It is a person centred approach, where you will be treated and respected as the unique individual that you are.  Your interests and preferences will be taken on board, however I will also gently encourage you to try new things to lead you out of your comfort zone, as this is the only way we can develop, learn and grow.

Holistic creative therapies works on the belief that the body and mind are integrated, and avoids dividing people into physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and instead treats each person as a whole.  It provides a flexible, practical, evidence based toolbox, where the therapies are used individually or in combination with one or more other therapies, to provide a process of self-expression, self-development, self-understanding, self-empowerment and healthy self-image. 

Creative therapies can be both verbal and non-verbal. I provide a safe space for you to explore and express your feelings, thoughts and emotions. When we are unable to express and release our difficult or traumatic memories, feelings and thoughts, they continue to have a negative effect on our minds and bodies, causing pain. Expression through art, music, movement or play, is an effective way to communicate, process or share the experiences and feelings of trauma, grief and a variety of health and well-being challenges, helping to increase recovery and well-being.  

Stress and anxiety have become a huge part of society, with many people living in a constant state of fight or flight. While we may not be able to control the hectic pace of the world we live in today, we can control how stress effects us individually.  Having a greater understanding of the cause and effects of stress helps us to recognise what the symptoms of stress are in our bodies, understand what our stress triggers are, practice techniques that relieve stress and calm our central nervous system. 

When we practice 'Zen' activities, such as art, yoga, meditation, music, creative writing, we get into a state of 'flow' where we are focussed on the present, we are not dwelling on the past or anxiously thinking about the future. This has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to calm the central nervous system, combatting anxiety and creating feelings of well-being.

Holistic creative therapies do not require any artistic skill or experience. There are no right or wrong ways to create art when practiced as a therapy. People with little or no artistic experience can find creative therapy freeing, insightful and self-empowering.  Come along and give it a try.



hands sculpting clay

"What we run from pursues us, what we face transforms us"

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