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Creating Calm Therapies Studio

Come and unwind in the lovely peaceful studio at Creating Calm Therapies.

The space has been designed to be a little Sanctuary, a safe space for you to come and take time for yourself.


There is plenty of space for you to create, meditate, move and express yourself in whatever way you feel is right for you.

Essential oils and incense create a wonderful calming aroma to ease your mind, body and soul.  

Natural light pours in through the lovely big windows on a bright day, and on a dull day, cosy lighting and candles create a nurturing atmosphere.

Any type of music can be played to help create the mood that is right for you in that moment.

A wide variety of art supplies, clay, music, sand play, yoga mats, blankets and cushions, are available for you to use, to help you to connect, express and let go in comfort and privacy.

There is even a little garden if you wish to be outside in nature on a fine day.

The studio is based in the Kings park area of Stirling. It's easily accessible by car, with on street parking outside. It's a short walk from the town centre, and about a 10-15 walk from the train and bus station.


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