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I've been feeling a lot of uncertainty for a while now. It's part of the territory when you become a widow. After loosing my second partner four years later, I took the brave (or crazy) decision to leave my secure job and follow my calling to become a creative therapist. That was two years ago and the uncertainty is greater than ever, as I start my new business.

I can't say I like the all. I do have moments of fear and anxiety, BUT I've never felt so alive and determined to make something work.

I know my feelings of uncertainty are only to be expected as I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I could have stayed in the job which no longer felt right for me, and even entered into a new relationship for the fear of being on my own, but here I am, learning to let go of certainty, to embrace the unknown and to trust in the universe.

When we let go of trying to control everything, we can really connect with our true selves, with our intuition, which helps us to become more aligned with what our heart desires. It can be quite freeing to surrender control, and a time when some of the most exciting moments and inspiration can flourish.

Over the last few uncertain years of my life I have found meditation, and making to time to be quiet and still on my own, one of the best ways to get through all the struggles and uncomfortable feelings I have endured. I have also found art and creativity so helpful in giving me a way to release and express my thoughts and feelings, and to help me make sense of some of these feelings. Being able to switch off the thinking part of my brain, and tune in to my inner voice has been so liberating and often surprising.

I would encourage anyone who is going through uncertain times, to try creative exercises and meditation to connect with your intuition, calm the central nervous system and sooth your soul.

To find out more about how Holistic Creative Therapies, meditation and movement can help with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, please check out my website and book a free introductory call to find out more.

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