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Trust Your Gut

“Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside awakens” ~ Carl Jung

Intuition is ‘the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning’. It's often described as a gut feeling, instinct, or a sense of something without the need for explicit evidence or logical explanation. Trusting your gut feeling can be a valuable aspect of decision-making in certain situations, when making choices, especially when faced with uncertainty or limited information. Your gut feeling is a result of your subconscious mind processing various cues, patterns, emotions and experiences that may not be immediately apparent to your conscious mind, to guide your understanding or decision making.

The ‘human condition’ is where there is conflict between the thinking, programmed, analytical part of our mind and the creative, emotional intuitive part of the mind. As we develop from childhood to adolescence, and become aware of the harsh realities of life, it can create turmoil for many as this conflict develops. Most young people resign themselves to the way they think the world is to fit in. Some become conflicted, and feel as if they don’t fit in with the rest of the world and often struggle with mental health problems. Some try to balance their intuition and logical mind, and recognise the state of the world as something separate from themselves, realising that it is the system not them that is broken, and they strive to develop a balance between their mental and intuitive selves.

Developing intuition and nurturing the creative, instinctive part of ourselves, which we connect with our heart and gut, on an emotional level, can create balance and help us to cope better with the negative and often disturbing observations, made by the intellect, by empowering us to exist in harmony with both our intellect and intuition in the present moment, free of rumination over the past, and free of anxiety for the unknown future.

There are many ways of making art and being creative, however not all develop intuition. Many forms of creating art involve rules, using the right equipment, an expectation that the finished result will look a certain way or look like the object, or person that is being painted.

Intuitive art is the process of creating art using an inner awareness that is heart-centred and does not rely on analysis, logic, rules or head-based questions. Intuition and creativity are intricately linked and interdependent. Whenever we are engaged in creative activity, we are strengthening our connection to intuition, and as you develop your intuition, you also enhance your creativity. Creating art from within, is based on emotions and what feels right, rather than conscious reasoning and awareness. When becoming engaged and focused on a creative art piece, it is similar to meditation as we are present and not thinking about other things and connected to our intuition. The more we practice this ‘zen state’ the easier it becomes to be present, rather than thinking of the past or future, and it helps us develop a stronger connection to our most authentic self where we tend to feel empowered.

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